Thursday, July 10, 2008

Decision Points Expensive or Affordable Website Re-design

How do you make decisions? You need a car to get from A to B, so you have an option - you can drive in a fancy car and look real hip or something which just gets you to your destination. Here is the catch along the way you need to attract a bunch of customer to hope into your car with you to help pay for the gas and there are other cars on the road looking to do the same.

The truth factor here is I have found a website designers with significant talent to help us but we can't really afford her right now. However, I have a gut feeling that I know if she built my car, the ride will be hip, but in life you might have a great looking site but still no takers.

Here is the catch, there is over 10+ designers and site builders just like her but none of them engaged me -- probing and fighting for the opportunity. So, we could do a little work with her but you know its like a drug, once you start, you get billed for anything extra. Reminds me of the black widow (movie or spider) not sure. Next thing you know you have no money to keep the company afloat.

Sure we could work out a deal, we could ask for a payment plan. But DOES IT MAKE SENSE TO DO THIS RIGHT NOW? OK so you want to know the cost difference....10x more expensive than the average Joe.

Let talk about affordable solution. During the hay days of DOT COM the business plans were: BUILD IT AND THEY WILL COME. Who cares about the numbers, as long as you have subscribers and there is a WOW factor, that's all you need. Unfortunately, I missed that boat and really never subscribed to that plan of thought. I am some what old fashioned in my thinking that customer should drive value and pay your for the value and the model needs to be profitable for all involved. Our software publishers would see increased profits and we would see increased profits from their success and its always about the customer.

So, how do I tell my software publishing peers to try our services -- when the car may not look too hip, but it sure works and boy does it work well. Heck we have used this car for over a year and you can be sure the kinks are worked out. License management platform works and does exactly what we are promising.

Now we have to battle the internal personalities -- make due with what we have and stick with character or pl urge and make a splash and see what happens.

Can you guess my next move? Will you be able to tell which option we decided to go with?

Stay tuned....same bat channel, same time, same place...

Anowar Shahjahan, CEO

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