Monday, July 7, 2008

Writting does not mean Communicating!!

So here we are less than 1 week since version 2.0 of the website and I am discussing some information with our SEO team leader - who is just starting to get into and what we want him to do. So, he reads the website and asks me a very simple question: "what exactly does the service do?"

Great!! Talk about getting hit in the head with a shovel --- when working on the details its hard to see the bigger communications picture. I guess that's why we need to hire professional marketing gurus. Don't get me started on that front....professional marketers are for sure out there but the key is to find that unique experience of talent, price and drive --- with a touch of common sense ...which seems to be lacking in many of us.

We always assume that our communications for website content will change and we make the changes in real-time until we start to see results....and then we tend to hire professionals to improve upon what has been done.

This way we know what works and we have effectively cut out some of the cost of getting the content up. So, guess what I have to do on the website content AGAIN!! As soon as I get done working on a few other loose ends....

Hey do you know a software + website marketing + social networking marketing + actual hands on SEO expert who might want to join our team? If you do - send them to us....

Stay in touch.

Anowar Shahjahan, CEO

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