Sunday, July 6, 2008

Its all about Cash flow -- must stay alive & keep the lights on!!

What a wonderful July 4th, 2008, we released to the publishers and sure enough we get things moving and before we can even start to really market the website, the service, the solution to all the software publishers, web applications publishers, mobile applications publishers and IT Software resellers.....bam!!! what happens?

One of the players ask for extra cash. So, where do I get the money for this? Yes, I had (and I mean HAD) a plan for this cash. It was supposed to go towards a new website design, with SEO optimized site - really jazzed up -- professional version 3.0. Yes, sir, it was (and the key word here is WAS) going towards this.

So, now we have to make due with the current site, which does flow well with Firefox or other browsers. So, do me a favor use Internet Explorer to review the website content. I guess we will have to figure out how to barter with some of the players to get marketing and website and promotions working....maybe I can call Mr. Page (Google founder) to see how he made it work in the early days. I could sure use some suggestions from people in the know.

One thing that really ticks me off is when people around me can't manage their personal cash flow and then it starts to impact the business and others around them. Steven Covey's book - 7 Habits of Highly Effective people states clearly the circle of influence and circle of control --- for sure I do not have the control to kick peoples ass to get them to focus on spending less money and stay in the black not in the red....but boy i can't wait for the day when I can setup policies to help my team members with support services to help themselves become better money managers.

Well enough about my pains with cash flow or should i say lack of cash flow -- don't get me wrong, we are not even close to running out of cash or shutting the lights down, its just impacts the short-term budget. I have to take a little bit of credit -- I kinda had a hunch this was coming and I budgeted for this....but still wish it did not have to be --- why payout this lump of cash when it can be put towards investing for a better future for all involved in LicenseDNA?

So all you folks reading this blog - you know who you are - stop buying that extra cup of coffee, pack a lunch or two, make dinner at home and pay off your credit card bills so you can keep more of your cash and allow your self the opportunity to be part of something amazing when it hits you in the head.

Enough of my commentary...need to get some ZZZzzzz!!

Before, I leave you with my wise thoughts over cash flow -- please tell all your friends, vendors, partners, resellers, anyone who will listen about and if nothing else send me an e-mail - so that at the minimum i know you exist.

All the best!!

Anowar Shahjahan, CEO

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