Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Strategies for Successful Service Launch

Those of you following our launch, you know that as of July 4, 2008 -- we launched LicenseDNA.com as a service for publishers. With over 1000+ customers to date, one would think that all is well.

That is true, but that depends on your definition of well. Over the past 3 weeks or so, there has been many changes, mostly behind the screens. We have upgraded the platform to .net 2.0, latest SQL server, new hosting company, and still updating all the DLLs and components for securing software applications for publishers.

Whats frustrating is we need to get over this hurdle and before we can go forward. So, how do we do this? All hands on deck and we fight to stay focused on the details....details and more details until we get the process clean, working smoothly for both online and off-line consumer activation of license keys.

How does this impact our marketing? We started marketing our services using Google Adwords, with a micro-budget - we want to see targeted traffic coming to the site but not enough to have to have to many publishers engaging us. Additionally, search engine robots are indexing our site and all of the information out in web. Soon, PR will begin and so will a full-time SEO person. All of these activities will take time -- valuable time required to ensure our solutions are also ready for prime time.

Additionally, we are experimenting with other aspects of our services which will become more clear in time....not ready to tell you all of my thoughts just yet. We are also getting ready to invite publishers using our competitors to take a look at our service as an alternative - why? We believe we are cheaper and better value -- more agile than the bigger players. Frankly speaking the older companies (our competitors) have no clue how to navigate the Internet today to help publishers sell more products.

I can't wait until we get our distribution channel setup because it will help our publisher push more products faster to a wider group of customers. The traditional channels currently in place like download.com -- has less than 1% of the search traffic -- do you really think your products will sell with such low traffic and you can be sure you are surrounded by 20+ other publishers pushing similar products.

Any case, I don't want to let the cat out of the bag, but our strategies require smart people, smart publishers and smart money from investors interested in our market segment. So, I guess we need to find out where these so called smart people hang?

Stay tuned because we have just started the service and it will take several months to get where we want to be today!!

Touch base anytime!

Anowar Shahjahan, CEO

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